Try This Easy Exercise To Loosen Up Your Drawings!

Greetings, fellow artists! Are you tired of your drawings feeling stiff and rigid, lacking the fluidity you crave? Well, you’re in for a treat because today, we’re diving deep into a transformative exercise that will liberate your artistic expression and infuse your creations with newfound life. Join us on this creative journey where we break free from the constraints of structure and embrace the beauty of loose, gestural drawings.

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Let’s Get Started With Learning to Draw Loose

Below is a video where you will see the demonstration in action. I’ll talk you though the process and share tips along the way. The medium is an oversized Sharpie but feel free to use whatever you wish. You can even paint it!

Understanding Progressions: The Heart of This Lesson

The core of this exercise lies in progressions – a concept that serves as our guiding light throughout this artistic exploration. Progressions involve a series of drawings, each evolving from a structured, detailed approach to a free, flowing gesture.

The gradual shift in progression drawings allows you to witness the transformation from tight precision to uninhibited expression, offering a unique insight into the anatomy of your subject.

Try This Easy Exercise To Loosen Up Your Drawings
Try This Easy Exercise To Loosen Up Your Drawings

Tip One: Embrace the Evolution

Begin your artistic odyssey with a structured drawing. Pay close attention to details, perspectives, and proportions. Once you’ve grasped the essence of your subject, start deconstructing it. Release your inhibitions and let your hand wander freely across the canvas or paper. The initial structured drawing serves as your foundation, allowing you to understand the subject deeply before you set it free in your loose, gestural rendition.

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Tip Two: Deconstruct for Freedom

Understanding the construction and perspective of your subject is your key to deconstruction. Delve into the intricacies of its form, dissecting it mentally before letting your hand follow suit. By knowing how something is put together, you gain the power to dismantle it artfully. This deconstruction paves the way for your drawings to breathe and dance with newfound spontaneity.

Tip Three: Time as Your Ally

Time plays a pivotal role in this exercise. The initial structured drawing demands patience and meticulousness. As you progress, your familiarity with the subject allows for quicker strokes and bolder lines. The swifter your movements, the more your drawings come alive. Speed becomes your ally, enabling you to capture the essence of your subject in its raw, unfiltered form.

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The Liberating Power of Quick, Loose Drawings

In our journey, the final drawing in the progression stands as a testament to the freedom of expression. The initial rigidity dissipates, making way for a liberated, energetic creation. This exercise not only refines your observational skills but also trains your hand to translate complex forms into swift, confident strokes.

Join Us in the Artistic Liberation

Now, you’re equipped with a powerful technique to infuse life into your drawings. Join us in this liberating exercise and witness the transformation of your art. In the accompanying ad-free video, we guide you through each step, offering insights and inspiration to fuel your creative spirit.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your tools, clear your mind, and let the lines flow freely. Embrace the joy of drawing without constraints and revel in the newfound freedom of your artistic expression. Happy creating!