The Right Attitude to Paint Loose Art

The video tutorial shares tips and ideas for having the right mindset for painting loose. It also shows a very different approach which is typical for tight artists.

Bottom line is it takes some confidence and the ability to brush off the haters if you want to succeed. And let’s face it, no matter your style not everyone will be a fan, so you may as well do your own thing.

I’d be remised if I didn’t say that a lot of bad art will be created this way. There will be times when you get discouraged and feel like you’re wasting time and resources. It’s not uncommon that you’ll want to reconsider the style and paint more safe art. My advice is to get used to it or move on!! I’ve found it impossible to avoid rejects since the whole idea is to create with less predictability.

When this happens remind yourself that it’s par for the course. Each time you go for it you’re actually creating more range for yourself. Think of it as rings on a tree. You’re growing and evolving, rather than being satisfied with what you already know.