Loose and Abstract Watercolor Cityscape Tutorial

The process of creating this artwork was an incredibly enjoyable journey. Interestingly, there were moments of uncertainty and fear when I doubted the success of the painting.

Super Loose and Abstract Watercolor Cityscape Tutorial

Creating this artwork was an immensely enjoyable experience. Surprisingly, there were moments where I felt uncertain and feared the painting would not succeed. However, I discovered that during these periods of doubt, I often produce my finest work. It is as if I reach a state of mind where I release all attachment to the outcome and allow myself to freely express and explore without inhibition.

Let's Explore Some Ideas for Painting Abstract Cityscapes

Watercolor cityscapes offer a captivating blend of architectural beauty and creative expression. Embracing a loose and abstract approach allows artists to capture the vibrant energy and unique character of urban landscapes.

In this article, we will guide you through the steps and techniques to paint stunning loose and abstract watercolor cityscapes that convey the essence of the urban environment.

Reference Image for Watercolor Painting
Reference Image for Watercolor Painting

Selecting Your Reference and Composition

Start by choosing a reference photo or sketch that inspires you. Look for interesting cityscape scenes with a variety of shapes, angles, and perspectives. Experiment with cropping and composition to create a dynamic and balanced arrangement that showcases the city's essence.

Simplifying Shapes and Silhouettes

To achieve a loose and abstract style, simplify the architectural elements into basic shapes and silhouettes. Focus on capturing the overall impression rather than intricate details. Use bold brushstrokes and flowing lines to convey the distinct character of buildings, bridges, and landmarks.

The image below demonstrates how I have simplified all the elements from the photograph into a minimalistic design, enabling me to focus on the overall composition. It is at this stage that I introduce the point of interest, represented by yellow umbrellas. To finalize the design and composition, I will incorporate figures walking and enjoying themselves under the umbrellas.

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