Exploring Mixed Media and Collage Landscapes

In this blog post, we're about to embark on a creative journey, venturing into the realm of mixed media and collage landscapes.

Exploring Mixed Media and Collage Landscapes
Exploring Mixed Media and Collage Landscapes

Art is a journey of self-discovery and creative exploration, and sometimes, the most captivating creations emerge when we step outside our comfort zones. In today's blog post, we're going to embark on an artistic adventure by exploring mixed media and collage landscapes. This journey will take us from a seemingly inferior watercolor landscape to a stunningly unconventional abstract masterpiece.

Starting with Humble Beginnings

Every great work of art has to begin somewhere, and in this case, our starting point is an ordinary watercolor landscape. It might not be the most impressive piece on its own, but that's the beauty of mixed media – it allows us to breathe new life into our creations.

For this project, I had an old watercolor landscape lying around, one that had never quite lived up to my expectations. Rather than consigning it to the forgotten depths of my studio, I decided to give it a second chance.

Unleashing Leftover Paint

I had a little leftover green acrylic paint from the end of a previous session. This green paint was my unexpected starting point. With a wide brush, I applied it generously as a border around my watercolor landscape. It was a spontaneous decision, and already, the piece was transforming. This can be seen as the green on the edges of the art below.

Exploring Mixed Media and Collage Landscapes
Exploring Mixed Media and Collage Landscapes

The act of using leftover paint, the act of not letting anything go to waste, felt oddly liberating. It was as though I was giving myself permission to be unconventional and resourceful in my art-making process.

Adding Collage Elements

Now, it was time to introduce collage elements. I had a collection of random collage papers – some torn from old magazines, others from patterned wrapping paper. The beauty of collage is its unpredictability. You never quite know how the different textures and colors will interact with your existing artwork.

I carefully tore and arranged these collage paper strips across the painted border, overlapping and layering them in places. The effect was intriguing, and I could already see the landscape taking on a new dimension.

The strips of purple and light blue along the edges are seen in the artwork above.

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Let's Pause Right Here and Watch the Video Tutorial

I'll allocate approximately five minutes to walk you through the process. As I elucidate my thoughts, I hope it sparks further inspiration for you to delve into this concept independently.

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