Exploring Abstract Landscapes with Mixed Media

Recently, I've been employing inferior watercolors as a foundation for my artistic pursuits. Given their prolonged confinement in a drawer, I see them as an opportune springboard for delving into fresh techniques.

Abstract landscape painting by Robert Joyner

Lately, I've been utilizing subpar watercolors as a starting point for my artistic endeavors. Since these paintings have been stashed away in a drawer for quite some time, I believe they provide a fertile ground for exploring new techniques.

Let's have a close inspection on these recent abstract landscape paintings

I've been experimenting extensively, incorporating various elements such as collage, china markers, crayons, inks, and acrylics. The experience has been immensely enjoyable, to say the least. I find myself breaking new ground in terms of techniques and venturing into uncharted creative territories, which fills me with excitement.