The Most Versatile Watercolor Brush

Wondering about the ultimate watercolor brush? In my humble opinion, the mighty Dagger takes the crown! As showcased in the video, it excels in various washes and brushstrokes.

Princeton Neptune Dagger
Princeton Dagger Brush

The Best Watercolor Brush on the Planet – Princeton Dagger!

While for larger-scale paintings like full or half sheets, incorporating a larger mop brush can handle heavier tasks. But when it comes to the finer details, the versatile Dagger will become your steadfast companion.

You can easily find these brushes at popular retail stores like Blick Art.

Video tutorial

Witness Its Mastery

Here is a watercolor painting video demo where I used two daggers, 1/2″ and 3/8″, to complete. Sometimes less is best!

The Finished Art

The finished art created with Neptune Dagger
Loose urban scene paint with Dagger