15 Easy Watercolor Landscape Painting Ideas for Beginners

In this blog post, we will explore 15 easy watercolor landscape painting ideas that are perfect for beginners. From simple mountain-scapes to tranquil lakeside scenes and captivating night-scapes, these ideas will help you unleash your creativity and create stunning watercolor landscapes.

Let’s Explore Some Beginner Friendly Watercolor Landscape Ideas

Watercolor painting is a beautiful and versatile art form that allows artists to create stunning landscapes filled with vibrant colors and serene scenes. If you’re new to watercolor painting and looking for some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

Easy Watercolor Landscape Painting Ideas for Beginners with mountains
Mountain landscape study by Robert Joyner

Majestic Mountains Landscape Idea

Start with a classic landscape by painting majestic mountains. Use soft, flowing brushstrokes to depict the contours of the peaks and add depth with varying shades of blue and gray.

15 Easy Watercolor Landscape Painting Ideas for Beginners
Lake and tree study by Robert Joyner

Tranquil Lakeside with Watercolors

Create a serene lakeside scene by incorporating elements like trees, rocks, and reflections in the water. Experiment with different shades of green and blue to capture the peaceful atmosphere.

Easy watercolor landscape idea for beginners
Tied up by Robert Joyner

Coastal Beauty Landscape for Beginners

Capture the beauty of the coast by painting crashing waves, sandy beaches, and distant cliffs. Use bold brushstrokes to depict the movement of the ocean and vibrant colors to bring the scene to life.

Simple sunset painted with watercolors
Simple sunset study by Robert Joyner

Easy Golden Sunset Landscape

Experiment with warm colors like oranges, pinks, and purples to create a breathtaking sunset scene. Blend the colors together to achieve a smooth transition and add silhouettes of trees or mountains for added interest.

Simple autumn tree study by Robert Joyner
Simple autumn tree study by Robert Joyner

Autumn Foliage Landscape Idea

Embrace the beauty of fall by painting a landscape filled with vibrant autumn leaves. Use a variety of warm colors such as reds, yellows, and oranges to bring the foliage to life, and add depth by incorporating contrasting shades.

Simple pine tree watercolor landscape idea
Pine tree forest study by Robert Joyner

Tranquil Pine Forest

Paint a serene forest scene with dappled sunlight filtering through the trees. Focus on creating depth by layering various shades of green and use a dry brush technique to add texture to the foliage.

Rural watercolor landscape idea by Robert Joyner
Rural watercolor landscape study by Robert Joyner

Rural Countryside Landscape Idea

Capture the charm of the countryside by painting rolling hills, fields, and farmhouses. Use soft, sweeping brushstrokes to depict the landscape and experiment with earthy tones to convey a sense of tranquility.

Easy watercolor winter snow landscape idea
Easy winter snow landscape idea by Robert Joyner

Snowy Winter Wonderland

Paint a peaceful winter landscape with snow-covered trees and glistening white hills. Use cool blues and grays for the snow and warm colors for the hints of foliage peeking through.

Beginner Tropical landscape study with watercolors
Tropical landscape study by Robert Joyner

Beginner Friendly Tropical Paradise Landscape

Escape to a tropical paradise by painting a vibrant scene filled with palm trees, turquoise waters, and sandy beaches. Experiment with bold, saturated colors to create a lively and energetic composition.

Easy cityscape watercolor landscape idea
City dwellers by Robert Joyner

City Skylines

Explore urban landscapes by painting city skylines at dusk or dawn. Experiment with various architectural elements and use warm colors to capture the glow of city lights against the darkened sky.

Easy waterfall with watercolors
Easy waterfall study by Robert Joyner

Enchanting Waterfalls

Depict the beauty and movement of water by painting a cascading waterfall. Experiment with different techniques to create the flowing water effect and use greens and blues to capture the surrounding foliage and rocks.

Southwest landscape study by Robert Joyner
Southwest landscape study by Robert Joyner

Southwest Oasis

Create a captivating desert landscape with towering sand dunes and a shimmering oasis. Use warm earth tones for the sand and experiment with a dry brush technique to capture the texture of the desert.

Easy moonlight landscape with watercolors by Robert Joyner
Easy moonlight landscape with watercolors by Robert Joyner

Mystical Moonlit Night

Paint a serene moonlit night scene with a darkened sky and silhouettes of trees or mountains. Experiment with cool blues and purples to create a mystical atmosphere and use gentle brushstrokes to depict the moon’s glow.

Easy rugged watercolor Landscape idea with Rocks
Rugged Landscape with Rocks study by Robert Joyner

Rugged Landscape with Rocks

Capture the magic of a rugged landscape filled with jagged rocks, distant foliage, and perhaps some golden yellow grass. Use a variety of bright and vibrant colors to create a joyful and enchanting scene.

Simple Aerial Landscape idea with Approaching Storm
Approaching storm by Robert Joyner

Aerial Landscapes with Approaching Storm

Experiment with a different perspective by painting aerial landscapes. Depict mountains, rivers, and forests from a bird’s-eye view, using light washes and delicate details to create a sense of depth and distance.


Watercolor landscape painting offers endless possibilities for beginners to explore their creativity and create stunning works of art. These 15 easy ideas provide a starting point to dive into the world of watercolor landscapes. Remember to embrace experimentation, play with colors and techniques, and enjoy the process of bringing these landscapes to life on paper.

With practice and persistence, you will develop your own unique style and create captivating watercolor landscapes that reflect your artistic vision. So grab your brushes, immerse yourself in nature’s beauty, and let your creativity soar through watercolor!